In a radio interview with the Bernie and Sid Show Friday, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota admitted she is tired of reporting on the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Camerota’s statements mirror similar sentiments made by her fellow CNN colleagues, as revealed in Project Veritas‘ recent #CNNisPravda undercover video series.

The Hill reports:

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota said on Friday she has fatigue from the news media’s continuing coverage of alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling.

“I hear your Russia fatigue and I share it. You know, there are many mornings I come in and pray for other news to eclipse any sort of Russia thread,” the “New Day” anchor told the “Bernie and Sid Show” on on 77 WABC.

#AlisynCamerota told us earlier even she gets sick of talking about #RussianCollusion

— Bernie and Sid Show (@bernieandsid) July 14, 2017

“There are always ethical dilemmas that journalists face. Every day we are making decisions about ‘What are we going to lead with?’ ‘What are we going to leave out?’” she continued.

“By the time I plug in, there is already a direction of the show. However, I am free at any time to say to my executive producer, which I do pretty regularly, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do this in this segment, I want to do this, and then it’s a debate.”

Camerota has been in the news lately, having deleted her Twitter account due to verbally abusive users.

The Hill reports:

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota announced on Wednesday in an op-ed that she’s “breaking up” with Twitter.

Camerota says she’s ditching her account on the site because it’s become “a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it’s acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.”

“It’s over. I’m breaking up with you,” wrote Camerota, the co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day.”

“You’re a shadow of your former self, the one I was first attracted to. It’s no fun to be with you anymore,” she continued. “You’ve become mean and verbally abusive. In fact, you gross me out. You’re a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it’s acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.”

Camerota, a former “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host, first joined Twitter in 2009.

Camerota quit Twitter shortly after Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, savaged CNN over its poor ratings.

Sebastian Gorka completely embarrasses CNN's Alisyn Camerota: More people watch cartoons than your network

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) July 11, 2017

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