The Dark Brotherhood has infiltrated its way into The Elder Scrolls: Legends today, with the release of the CCG's first major update. The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood adds more than 25 new missions and 40 cards to the game.

The story is set before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Bethesda says that player decisions will affect the way the story unfolds. Take a look at the mood-setting trailer below. If you still don't have any idea just what the heck The Elder Scrolls: Legends is, perhaps Dan Tack's review might shed some light.

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You can buy The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood as three individual maps or as a $19.99 bundle. Or, if you've studiously been saving your in-game gold, you can buy it that way. Players who buy the expansion also get a Doom Wolf mount for use in the PC and Mac versions of The Elder Scrolls Online.