Sports News Outlet, Deadspin taunted Ted Cruz on Twitter with a tweet asking for proof he played basketball. Ted Cruz responded with a picture of “himself” in a Duke basketball uniform on the court, basketball in hand. The exchange between Ted Cruz and Deadspin was hilarious!

The reporter, Ashley Feinberg wrote a piece criticizing Ted Cruz for starting a weekly Senate basketball game. She said,

Here at, there’s nothing we love more than sport. So we were delighted to learn that perpetual failed candidate for President, Ted Cruz started a weekly Senate basketball game in hopes of making his colleagues hate him less. Which is great for Ted Cruz, but doesn’t do much for us. We want to right this wrong and share Ted’s love of baskethoop with the world. We want Ted Cruz basketball pics.

Ashley did admit to getting owned by Ted Cruz. She even had a sense of humor about it by showing screenshots of text messages she received from her friends who saw the carnage unfold.

She even took a swipe at The Gateway Pundit! Hah! It looks like we are on their radar!

Sorry, Ashley but we don’t have a slot open for unhinged liberal hacks.

It’s pathetic that you got trolled by someone like Ted Cruz and many people agree. Here are a few of the responses on Twitter…

@tedcruz @Deadspin @ashleyfeinberg you’re getting owned so hard I feel sorry for you

— Matthew Zeitlin (@MattZeitlin) January 25, 2017

@ashleyfeinberg @MattZeitlin @tedcruz @Deadspin you just got roasted by Ted Cruz on twitter deactivate

— ratings machine, DJT (@WakaMoscaBSM) January 25, 2017

@tedcruz @Deadspin If only Cruz took his trolling as seriously as running for president. Oh and Deadspin…you got owned by the Zodiac Killer.

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) January 25, 2017

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