South Korean politician and presidential candidate for the Justice Party Sim Sang-jung wants your vote (if you live in South Korea), and she's not above using memes to get it.

Her latest campaign ad is entirely modeled after Overwatch's "Play of the Game" post-match highlight reel. The ad uses Overwatch's King's Row as a backdro to introduce her, then launches into the Play of the Game itself, which is kind of unfair to all the other players who played in this "match" with her, because it's actually several Plays strung together. All of them are her speaking and, I assume (we don't speak Korean, unfortunately) tearing into other politicians, rendering them silent. The fake interface and elimination notices are an extra-classy touch.

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Though she may be good at Overwatch ads, Sang-jung has her work cut out for her. Her main opponent in the South Korean presidential race is Moon Jae-in, who is not only the frontrunner in the race, but has a StarCraft map at his disposal. If Korea has a fair and just government, they'll settle this the right way: A Heroes of the Storm match.