I Am Setsuna, the nostalgia-driven JRPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, has just been confirmed as a digital launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Square Enix made the announcement in a press release and also mentioned that the Switch version will include an exclusive mode that lets them fight against other players' parties called "Temporal Battle Arena."

Editor Joe Juba reviewed I Am Setsuna for us and was a little let down by it, saying "Even though the combat is entertaining, I Am Setsuna’s characters are dull, the environments are repetitive, and the story is predictable. I would like to see more games inspired by the golden era of 16-bit RPGs, but you can’t recapture the spirit of innovation and experimentation that pervaded those titles through mimicry alone."

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, so this version of Setsuna will be available to purchase then as well. Square Enix notes that the game will be "fully playable in on the go in Handheld Mode."

Our Take

I remember a lot of people being disappointed that the English version of IAS didn't come to Vita so it's nice there's a portable option to play it now.