Daybreak Game Company's H1Z1: King of the Kill will soon join the short list of games that have aired on prime-time television with its upcoming Fight for the Crown tournament. The CW Network will broadcast King of the Kill's first official multiplayer team competition on April 20 at 9 p.m. EST. CW Seed, the network's online hub, will also host a five-part documentary series leading up to the tournament. These episodes will follow the pre-match preparations of Echo Fox, a professional eSports team that will be competing in the tournament.

Featuring a single match between 15 teams of 5 players each, the Fight for the Crown tournament will award prizes to first through fifth place for a total of $300,000. Of those 15 teams, four have been already selected: Echo Fox, Rogue Gaming, Panda Global, and Denial eSports. Players may apply either as a team or an individual in a bid to fill the other 11 slots.

More information about the tournament and its application process can be found here.

[Source: H1Z1 Official Site]

Our Take
It's always exciting to see eSports getting more attention from television networks. With the chance to reach a wider audience, the potential for games to gain greater appreciation outside of the industry is important not just for those who love games, but for professional gamers, tournament organizers, and others involved in the competitive gaming community as well.