Overwatch is currently one of the most popular shooters on the market, but for many, their love of the genre started with GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64. YouTube user Noilleber has brought the games, which are separated by nearly two decades, together in one creative video.

The video takes place entirely in Overwatch's Dorado map and features Overwatch characters, but the screen is divided into four-player splitscreen like the classic GoldenEye matches. In addition, James Bond music plays over the whole video, and the death screen from GoldenEye carries over each time a player is killed. The YouTuber also inserts several references to the beloved N64 shooter, including a humorous nod to the much-maligned multiplayer character Oddjob.

You can see the full Overwatch 64 video below.

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[Source: Noilleber on YouTube]