The Gateway Pundit White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich was accosted, harassed and abused Friday in the White House Press room.

On Friday Jon Decker from FOX News Radio accosted The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich.
Then Decker started reportedly “screaming” and pointing that Lucian is a “Nazi” and The Gateway Pundit is a “white supremacist” website!

How awful!
And this guy works for FOX RADIO!

Lucian Wintrich sent this report:

“This man accosted me. He pushed me in the back room and then grabbed my arm. He started screaming to the entire press room that I’m a Nazi and The Gateway Pundit is a white supremacist publication.”

Apparently, if you do not belong to the liberal mainstream press you are considered a Nazi and white supremacist?

Lucian then sent this photo saying Decker is now sitting and smiling at him in in the press room.

More Lucian just forwarded this:

I’m so shaken I can’t tell you guys… I think I should file a police report.”

Lucian tweeted:

There were witnesses in both assult cases. Luckally, there are real journalists here who saw Jon Decker assault me – I am pressing charges.

— Lucian B. Wintrich (@lucianwintrich) March 10, 2017

At least one other reporter saw the incident.

@lucianwintrich I did see the second one in the briefing room.

— Andrew Feinberg (@agfhome) March 10, 2017

Jon Decker is a board member of the White House Press room… His colleagues describe him as “one of the friendliest people in the White House press room.”

It will be interesting to see how many of the liberal reporters rally around Decker

Buzzfeed tweeted about this confrontation:

Fox News Radio John Decker just loudly told everyone in briefing room that Gateway Pundit is here "they hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics." Wild

— Adrian Carrasquillo (@Carrasquillo) March 10, 2017

He was speaking to Lucian Wintrich. He said it twice, pointing to him, so everyone knew who he was.

— Adrian Carrasquillo (@Carrasquillo) March 10, 2017

Decker has obviously NEVER read The Gateway Pundit or he would know better.
Lucian Wintrich is a gay conservative.

Lucian is VERY threatening.

Spot @lucianwintrich from @gatewaypundit at the briefing…

— Lee Stranahan (@stranahan) March 10, 2017

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