try as we might, we can’t help thinking that the developers have made a mistake naming this one: captor usually means something that has captured something else and is keeping that thing prisoner. Sinister naming aside – what’s next? Vid Napper?

Screenshot Captor is designed to do one thing and do it well: capture a screenshot and keep it prisoner. Er, we mean capture a screenshot and enable you to use it elsewhere.

Why you need it

Screenshots are a pain, even with the Windows snipping tool. Screenshot Captor offers more options including scrolling screen capture – great for long pages – and the ability to grab the entire desktop, current window or just a section of the screen.

It also offers visual embellishments such as borders and shadows, and automatic file naming. It offers easy watermarking, integration with image editing apps and Windows Explorer integration, and its microscopic system requirements mean you can leave it running all the time without worrying about a negative effect on your PC’s performance.

If you’re running Windows 10 you probably don’t need it, but on older Windows devices it’s much more useful than anything Windows itself offers.

Download here: Screenshot Captor